Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black
Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black
Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black
Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black
Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black
Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black
Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black

Fun Factory

Fun Factory - Cobra Libre Ii Grey Black

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The Cobra Libre 2 Is The Sex Toy Made For The Head Of The Penis! This Massager Surrounds The Tip Of The Penis With Its Soft, Velvety Interior Made Of Medical-grade Silicone. From Gentle To Powerful, The Two Motors Deliver Thrilling Vibrations To The Most Sensitive Part Of The Penis, The Head.

Cobra Libre Doesn't Need To Be Moved Back And Forth By Hand - So You Can Just Concentrate On Breathtaking Sensations And Enjoy The Ecstasy! With Its 11 Vibration Patterns, The Cobra Libre 2 Heads Confidently For The Next Climax – And Always Ready To Please From Sensitive To Demanding. Finely tuned programs and intensities even make the most discerning men feel like they are taking the fastest ride of their lives.

Made Of Body-safe Silicone
Extra Soft Velvety Silicone Inside
No Up And Down Movements Necessary
Two Powerful Motors Massage The Penis Head





Do you remember when you first got behind the wheel of a car? Those feelings of freedom, possibility, power? The knowledge that you could explore and discover in ways that just weren’t possible before? That’s pretty much what happens to your peen the first time you use the COBRA LIBRE II.


The COBRA LIBRE II enfolds the sensitive head of the penis in velvety silicone and rumbling vibrations. Its two motors bounce vibration off of each other, for a light suction feeling. No need to thrust, squeeze, or stroke: just lie back and enjoy, hands-free. Plus, you can use the practical travel lock for safe storage.


We’re two steps ahead of you! One of the advantages of having two motors is that you can also feel the vibration strongly from the outside of the silicone sheath. We recommend lying back with the COBRA LIBRE II and inviting your partner to climb on top of you and grind against the vibrator.

Another fun thing is that during anal sex, the giver can give the receiver an awesome reach-around with this penis head vibrator, without having to split their focus between thrusting and stroking.


Yup. Since all you have to do is put the head of your penis inside the toy, you can absolutely enjoy it with or without an erection. This is also a popular toy for folks with arthritis and other conditions that make it challenging to keep up a hands-only masturbation routine. Once you’ve got it set to a setting you like, you can go completely hands-free!



Share the Vibration
No erection? No problem. Have your partner mount you & the toy while you each get strong, purring vibration from two motors.  

A Hands-Free Penis Toy
Envelop the head of the penis in rumbling vibration. From gentle to powerful, the two motors deliver thrilling vibrations to the tip of the penis.

Better Than a Reach-Around
You know how hard it can be to keep up a good stroking rhythm while also thrusting? This toy solves that.





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