We STRIVE to protect your secret!


X-Secret - Strive To Protect Your Secret - Adult Toys Malaysia


Would anyone know what's inside the package? 

The answer is a Big NO, sometimes we would like to keep it as a secret to ourselves, you can ask us to write anything such as shoes clothes etc in the product content, (when you purchased you can leave a comment in the comment box) , if not we will just write "GIFT" or "Shoes" 

Who would you put on the sender details? Would your company name's reveal what's inside the parcel?

Once again, NO. We will put "G.S marketing" as the sender's name, also we wont put our email on the sender details, so nobody would able to lookup on the internet with the details on the sender details. 

I have family member/ friends living with me, I'm worried if I were away they would open up the parcel.

We can always post to your nearest Post office, so you can collect it secretly whenever you are free, of course with our packaging commitment, even the delivery company would not know what's inside the package. 

How can I be sure that nobody would know what's inside parcel? 

We would package it with 1 layer of plastic, 1 layer of plain paper and 1 layer of bubblewrap, and 2 courier flyer, (the inside we will pack it with grey flyer, and outside with EASYPARCEL flyer), and we would seal it with taps to make sure in any circumstances the parcel content would not be revealed, unless someone purposefully trying to open it with knife or scissors (which very unlikely would happen), your secret shall not be revealed. 

What if I received a defected or used products?  

For hygiene purpose, we will NEVER resell a used product.For the defected product, once you have received the parcel, you can take a picture to verify with us, and we would proceed to exchange, but please keep that in mind the product should remain unused ( it can be opened ).The postage is bear by us also, you can shop with us worry free.