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We're hiring: Digital Marketing Manager (WFH) Full Time

From RM5000+



  1. Responsible for developing and implementing digital marketing strategies that encompass various online channels, including but not limited to social media ( Instagram, Twitter, Telegram )
  2. Managing email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and other digital marketing initiatives.
  3. Responsible for the comprehensive digital marketing of the internet product (IP Proxy sales system).
  4. Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns across all digital platforms.
  5. Handle SEO/SEM work for the product on Google, including keyword planning and development, SEO content planning, setting up and optimizing advertising accounts.
  6. Conduct in-depth data analysis of various online promotion channels for the product and generate reports, taking responsibility for customer acquisition.


Skills and Qualifications:


  1. Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Computer Science/ Information Technology, Mass Communications, Marketing or equivalent.
  2. Minimum of 3 years of experience in digital marketing, bilingual in English and 华语.
  3. Knowledge of IP Proxy and a clear understanding of its relevant applications.
  4. Mastery of rapid content production methods for SEO, with the ability to improve search rankings quickly and effectively.
  5. Proficiency in SEM tools, an understanding of promotion rules on various platforms, and the ability to create analysis reports and propose optimization methods based on data.
  6. Familiarity with Google Ads and an understanding of the operational rules of various social media platforms.




  1. 负责制定和执行涵盖各种在线渠道的数字营销战略,包括但不限于社交媒体。
  2. 管理电子邮件营销、按点击付费(PPC)广告、搜索引擎优化(SEO)、内容营销以及其他数字营销举措。
  3. 负责全面的互联网产品数字营销工作。
  4. 在所有数字平台上开展数字营销活动。
  5. 负责产品在Google上的SEO/SEM工作,包括关键词规划和开发、SEO内容规划、建立和优化广告账户。
  6. 对产品的各种在线推广渠道进行深入数据分析并生成报告,负责客户获取工作。




  1. 计算机科学/信息技术、传媒、市场营销或相关领域的学士学位或文凭。
  2. 至少3年数字营销经验,精通英语和华语双语。
  3. 了解IP代理,并清楚其相关应用。
  4. 精通快速的SEO内容制作方法,能够迅速有效地提升搜索排名。
  5. 熟练使用SEM工具,了解各平台的推广规则,并能够基于数据创建分析报告并提出优化建议。
  6. 熟悉Google Ads,并了解各种社交媒体平台的运营规则。





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