1. How do I purchase Xsecret E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards?
You can purchase Xsecret E-Gift Cards online via our websites. At the moment, purchase of Xsecret E-Gift Cards is only available at Xsecret's website. Xsecret will only honor Xsecret E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards purchased at our stores and website. You cannot use a Xsecret E-Gift Card/Gift Card to purchase Xsecret E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards.
  1. Can I purchase multiple Xsecret E-Gift Cards online?
You can only purchase one Xsecret E-Gift Card for each online transaction. To purchase multiple Xsecret E-Gift Cards online, please submit another order via the website. You may also visit a Xsecret store to purchase multiple Xsecret Gift Cards.
  1. Are there any fees associated with the Xsecret E-Gift Card?
No. You will only be charged the amount mentioned on the Xsecret E-Gift Card.
  1. Can I choose the value of a Xsecret E-Gift Card I want to purchase?
Yes. You can purchase a Xsecret E-Gift Card of any amount above the minimum purchase amount of RM50.
  1. Can I change the value of a Xsecret E-Gift Card after I have paid for it?
Unfortunately, the value of the Xsecret E-Gift Card cannot be changed once the purchase is made.
  1. What payment methods can be used?
Credit card, paypal, bank transfer etc.
  1. When is my credit card charged for my purchase?
You will be charged at the time of purchase.
  1. Can I buy a Xsecret E-Gift Card for myself?
Yes, you can. Simply enter your email address in the recipient field. Upon completion of the purchase, the Xsecret E-Gift Card will be delivered to your email.
  1. I want a printed Xsecret E-Gift Card to present to someone as a gift. How do I do this?
Simply send the Xsecret E-Gift Card to your email and print it once you receive it. The printout can be redeemed for purchase online or at Xsecret stores.
  1. Can I send two (or more) Xsecret E-Gift Cards to two (or more) people who share an email address?
Yes, you can. If you want to send separate Xsecret E-Gift Cards to different parties at their shared email address, purchase the Xsecret E-Gift Cards separately and indicate their name and email in the recipient's field. They will receive separate emails advising that you have sent them a Xsecret E-Gift Card from Xsecret.